Water Extraction Services in Austin, TX

Water Extraction Services in Austin, TX

When flooding happens, you must remove the water that has entered your home or business as soon as possible. The longer you let standing water sit, the more damage it will inflict on your property. Delaying the water extraction process will only exacerbate an already problematic situation.

In Austin, TX, when you need help removing water from a flooded basement, a flooded bathroom due to sewage backup, or flooding due to any other cause, the company to call is Wow Total Restoration. With our expertise in restoration and repair, our roster of certified professionals, and our state-of-the-art water extraction equipment, you can be sure that your flooding problems will quickly be resolved.

WOW's Proven Water Extraction Process

In addition to our professional crews and our high-tech equipment, we also employ a proven water extraction process that ensures we get every single drop of water out of your home or business. Our water extraction process involves the following steps:

  • Assessment – We survey the damage and come up with the most efficient plan of action for your water damage problem.
  • Pack-out/move-out – We remove all furniture, appliances, carpets, and items that can be removed before we start the extraction process to ensure that all moisture is removed from the area. This will help protect your belongings from further water damage and allow us to begin content restoration where needed.
  • Water removal – With the use of industrial wet/dry vacuums, submersible pumps, and other tools, we remove as much water as possible from the affected area.
  • Drying and dehumidifying – To ensure that no moisture remains, we using drying and dehumidifying procedures. The use of industrial fans, the opening of windows and doors, and the use of a dehumidifier will help properly dry out even the hardest-to-reach spaces in the area.

Once these steps are done, we survey the area once again to determine if more drying is needed. When we are sure that our job is done, we let you know so you can inspect the area yourself.

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Finding the furniture, appliances, and carpets sitting in floodwaters at your home in Austin, TX sitting is stressful, but it can happen. When it does, know that Wow Total Restoration is the company to call for help. We specialize in water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and disaster restoration, with trained and certified specialists handling all of your restoration needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need our help. The number to call is 512-233-6964.

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