Burst and Frozen Pipe Repairs in Austin, Texas

Burst and Frozen Pipe Repairs in Austin, TX

Before freezing temperatures arrive, you need to prepare your property for the extreme cold. Your plumbing pipes, for example, are quite sensitive to drastic temperature changes.

Plumbing systems that did not undergo proper winterization can be frozen by the winter air, causing an obstruction in the water flow. When this happens, pressure starts to build up in the pipes. In time, the contained pressure will cause the pipe to expand and burst – leaving you with a messy flood and an interrupted water supply.

Burst and Frozen Pipe Repairs in Austin, Texas

If your pipes are frozen or burst due to pressure buildup, contact Wow Total Restoration immediately. Proper repairs require professional equipment and skills. Delaying the repairs can lead to serious consequences to your home or office, which include:

  • Indoor flooding
  • Excess moisture
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Dry rot and other wood damage
  • Bacteria, pest and insect infestation

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Protect Your Property with WOW Total Restoration

At WOW Total Restoration, we offer various water damage and disaster restoration services to help you deal with the aftermath of frozen and burst pipes. We also provide excellent cleaning services, in case floodwater has left contaminated residue in your property.

You can trust Wow Total Restoration to take care of your frozen or burst pipes in no time. We’ve been operating in Austin, Texas for more than 15 years and our experience allows us to provide high-quality restoration and repair services to both residential and commercial buildings. All of our technicians are certified by the IICRC, and are guaranteed to give you flawless results. Contact Wow Total Restoration at 512-233-6964 to receive the immediate services your property needs. Our emergency response services are open 24/7.



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