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Fire & Water Damage Restoration in Pflugerville, Texas

Pflugerville, TX is eligible to receive all kinds of adverse weather conditions. The list includes tornadoes, thunderstorm winds, floods, tropical storms, hail, ice storms, wildfires, drought, and heavy snow.

All of these could disrupt lives and cause damage to property. Experiencing a disaster is something that can be hard to accept or comprehend. But the important thing to remember is to keep yourself safe during the disaster be it a flood, fire, storm and any other tragedy. 

After the disaster, you’ll have more time and energy to face the challenge of restoration and rebuilding. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Wow Total Restoration provides disaster restoration services in Pflugerville. 

Storm Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation by Wow Total Restoration in Pflugerville, TX

At Wow Total Restoration, we know how traumatic it can be to be faced with disaster. That’s why we make it as easy for you as possible. We’ll even assist you with filing your insurance claim to expedite the process. We provide all sorts of disaster restoration services. Here are some of them:

Fire Damage Restoration - We can handle the restoration of your property that’s been affected by fire. We can also help you with restoring the contents of our property. Let our experienced technicians handle the restoration for you so you don’t have to be exposed to dangerous smoke and soot. 

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Water Damage Restoration - Quickly responding to water damage can minimize potential damage. Contact us immediately for help with water damage. The sooner you seek help, the less the potential damage. 

Storm and Flood Damage - We have 24-hour emergency water and cleanup service. You can contact us anytime. We will systematically remove the water and clean up the site. Then, we will take steps to mitigate the damage. Finally, we will proceed with the restoration process. 

Mold Remediation - Mold is a kind of fungus. They’re everywhere and are pretty harmless in small quantities. But they can multiply really fast and cause respiratory problems. The EPA recommends that professionals work on any mold that’s affected more than 3x3 feet. 

Construction Services - First, we assess the damage and then recommend the most proper course of action. That’s either to repair or totally replace. We can also help with property demolition and debris removal. 

Commercial Services - We know that for commercial establishments, keeping your customers and employers safe and comfortable is a priority. We also provide HVAC and plumbing systems for our commercial clients. 

Biohazard Cleanup - An area that’s been exposed to hazardous materials such as chemical spills, toxic waste, and animal wastes requires a special kind of cleaning. Aside from cleaning up biohazards, we also take care of proper disposal. 

Trust Wow Total Restoration with Biohazard Cleanup & Flood Damage Restoration in Pflugerville

Acting quickly will help you minimize potential damage to your property in Pflugerville, TX when you are hit with by a natural disaster or significant accident. Wow Total Restoration stands ready to help on a 24/7/365 basis. Call 512-233-6964 for a free estimate or contact us online for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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