Disaster Restoration in Georgetown, TX by Wow Total Restoration

Fixing your home after a disaster strikes is a task that can be very stressful and tedious, not to mention overwhelming and confusing. More-often-than-not, when the time comes for you to pick up the pieces after the waters have subsided or the fire has died down, you wouldn’t know where to start. To help you get your life and your home back in order in Georgetown TX, you need a restoration company that can help you rebuild without adding stress to your already devastating situation. That company is Wow Total Restoration.

We are a company that can help you rebuild and get back on your feet quickly and efficiently. We have a list of restoration services that will get your home back to the way it was, your business back on track, and your life back in order. And we do this by taking on most of the burden of restoration and rebuilding, helping you take care of everything that needs to be done without additional stress on your part.

One of the biggest stressors for homeowners and business owners alike when it comes to restoration is the filing of claims. We can help you with this by guiding you through the process and by offering to do this for you. You won’t need to worry about not getting what you are entitled to due to missing paperwork or improper filing since we will help you accomplish what is needed when filing time arrives.

Quality Disaster Restoration Services in Georgetown, TX

WOW Total Restoration believes in giving customers superior customer service and the best possible care they need for their restoration requirements. We begin this by giving our clients a free on-site inspection and estimate when they contact us. We also tell you what to expect when work starts and how long it will take to get things back to normal. With WOW, you are in control and we don’t begin working on your restoration tasks until you say so. The services that we offer our clients include:

Fire Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Storm and Flood Damage

Mold Remediation

Construction Services

Commercial Services

• Biohazard Cleanup

Air Duct Cleaning

We also understand that these things can happen at any time to anyone, which is why we have a 24/7 emergency response service ready to answer and take care of your emergency cleanup and remediation needs. Our team of certified experts will be at your doorstep any time of the night or day when you need our help and all you have to do is to call.

Call WOW Total Restoration for Property Restoration in Georgetown, TX

Whatever your disaster restoration needs in Georgetown, TX, the company you can trust to help you get things fixed and restored in no time at all is Wow Total Restoration. We have the team of professional restorers on standby to help you when you call and all you need to do is to contact us by dialing 512-233-6964. You can also get in touch with us to schedule a free assessment and estimate for your restoration requirements by visiting our Contact Us page and filling out our contact form.

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