Restoration Services for Schools in Austin, Texas

Restoration Services for Schools in Austin, Texas

Other than the family home, the school is the most important place of learning for your children. Not only is it the place where they learn what they need to get through life, but they also develop their personality and behaviors around others.

As such, it needs to be a safe, hygienic and healthy space all year round, so that your kids get the education and growth they need without having to worry about getting sick.

Unfortunately, a school is just as vulnerable to natural disasters, freak occurrences, and structural mishaps that can cause water damage, like any other building or facility. In fact, it can be argued that schools are more vulnerable to such events than other buildings, due to their multi-faceted, multi-featured nature (i.e. having gymnasiums, laboratories, and cafeterias alongside classrooms). There are a lot more specialized equipment and structures that can be irreversibly damaged as opposed to just a normal home or office building.

Therefore the school staff and administration need to ensure that any damage to the school – especially water damage – is quickly repaired and dealt with. Neglecting to do so could result in not only structural weaknesses developing in the school but also the spreading of certain water-borne diseases and pests.

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The Effects of Water Damage in Schools

Water damage affects schools in pretty much the same way as it does other buildings or facilities. The following can happen once water damage sets in:

Restoration Services for Schools in Austin, Texas

  • Mold growth. Moisture and humidity can cause mold growth in places that get submerged or drenched in water if not cleaned or restored properly. Mold in itself can eat away at wooden structures and make it soft and weak, as well as cause allergic reactions to students when inhaled.
  • Pest infestation. Once an area is submerged in flood water, every hidden nook and cranny becomes a perfect breeding ground for pests and insects that thrive in dank, dark areas, such as mosquitoes. This could obviously cause the spread of insect bites or diseases among students.
  • Structural weakness. Wooden structures bloat and crack when submerged in water, especially for long periods of time. This could cause structural weakness especially in load-bearing structures, which could then cause a collapse in the near future. This could result in injured students.

Protect Students from the Effects of Water Damage with WOW Total Restoration

When water damage happens to a school, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Most often than not, school staff are underequipped to fully mitigate the effects of water damage. This is where our experienced and trained restoration experts at WOW Total Restoration come in.

With years of experience as well as the right tools for the job, we can help reverse the water damage done to your school, without straining your budget or your schedule. We also offer other services such as fire damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and mold remediation. Residents in Austin, Texas can get a hold of us through 512-233-6964 or drop us a line at our contact page for a free estimate.

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