Chemical Spill Cleanup in Austin, TX

Chemical spills are unfortunate accidents in any environment, with most unknowing people trying to take care of the spillage by mopping up the floor. However, depending on the type of chemical that spilled, cleaning the substance with normal cleaning techniques could be dangerous.

Chemicals that are corrosive and toxic react differently with other substances. If ever you end up cleaning a hazardous chemical with another cleaning product, it’s possible that you’ll create a chemical reaction that can become a detriment to your health.

That’s why whenever you accidentally spill any chemicals, don’t try to clean it up yourself. Instead, contact WOW Total Restoration, so we can handle the spillage properly.

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WOW Total Restoration Will Make Your Property Safe Again

WOW Total Restoration has the experience, equipment, and manpower to handle all types of chemical spills, be it small or large scale. We’ve been addressing chemical spills for over 15 years, so we know exactly what to do to control the situation.

We only have a limited time to contain the spillage, so the moment we receive your call, we’ll dispatch our fully licensed and certified cleaning experts to your location immediately. Once we arrive, we’ll inspect the chemical that has spilled to determine which cleaning technique is suitable to handle the disaster.

Our company only utilizes specialized cleaning equipment and cleaning products to ensure that we eliminate every trace of the chemical in your property. Additionally, we don’t tackle any task carelessly. We’ll make sure to close off the affected area and cover the surroundings with adequate protective sheeting and gear. Once we’re finished with the cleanup, we’ll perform a final inspection before giving you our approval.

Trust WOW Total Restoration to Completely Clean Your Chemical Spill

With help from the proven professionals at WOW Total Restoration, your property and your health won’t have to deal with the consequences that dangerous chemicals produce. When you need our help, contact us online or give a call today at 512-233-6964. Our biohazard clean up and other services are available to properties in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Our emergency response services are on-call 24/7.

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