Job Completion Survey - Restoration

Reviewed By: S M
Location: Round Rock, TX 78665

Who was the technician that serviced your property? Eduardo and Oscar and Lalo
How was your experience with the first phone call to the company? 5 Stars5
How would you rate the apperance of our service technician? 5 Stars5
How would you rate the competence of our service technician? 5 Stars5
How was the cleanup process? 5 Stars5
How would you rate your overall experience with WOW Total Restoration? 5 Stars5
Comment Oscar got here quickly, and Eduardo soon followed and was very knowledgeable, explained the process and got it started the same day as promised! Clean up was more thorough, and better, than competitor - they made sure everything was dry! VERY glad about that! Dehumidifying took a little longer than anticipated, but Eduardo capped the cost for the days at the range quoted. (Took six days charged for five.) Repairs took a bit longer, but got done without a lot of hassle. They were good about appointments and were on time. Repairs were well done, but new wood was not sealed, so I did that. Cabinets could have used a line of caulk along interior seams, as they did not abut tightly, so I also did that. Missing a 3 x 1 in piece of trim on one cabinet top, caulked over instead, but overall cabinets look at least as good as before. Lalo made sure that the sheetrock and baseboard repairs looked as good as new and he even switched a towel handle for me on the drawers of one cabinet, and raised the height for me as well! Everyone was easy to work with and Ivy's pleasant voice made the appointment process painless, and she always called back as promised! 5 stars for cleanup, 4.5 stars for repairs. Overall 4.75 stars.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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