What Damage to Expect from a Hailstorm


Hailstorms can happen any time there is a threat of storms and can cause massive damage to a home or business. When a hailstorm occurs, the only thing you can do is to wait out the storm until you can survey your home and check for damages that will require repairs. The amount and the severity of damage that such a storm brings are dependent on a few factors.

These factors dictate just how much repair work your home will need after hailstones rain down on it. These factors include:

  • The size of the hailstones – the bigger the hail, the more damage that can occur. You can compare the damage to a pebble thrown at your car’s windshield can do to a rock being thrown at the same windshield. Bigger hailstones are the result of strong updrafts in clouds that produce hail. The more hailstones that are returned by the updraft into the freezing zone, the bigger these icy rocks will be when they fall to earth.
  • The duration of the storm – the longer the storm lasts, the more damage it can bring. If it lasts only a few minutes, there could still be some damage, but it will be minimal when compared with a storm that lasts for an hour or more.
  • Strong wind – some hailstones fall to earth in a purely downward trajectory. This makes the hail hit only those things that are directly below. If there is wind during a hailstorm, you can expect damage to occur to the sides of your home and potentially your windows as well.

What to Do After a Hailstorm

Once you are sure that the storm has passed and it is safe for you to venture outdoors, there are a few things you need to do after a hailstorm occurs.


  • Contact your insurance company - to file a claim for hail damage, you first need to inform your insurance company of what happened. This will allow them to send over an adjuster to survey the damage and to come up with an estimate for the repairs that your home needs after the storm.
  • Assess your property for damage – check to see what damages the storm has brought to your home. Check your roof, siding, windows, and check your gutter. Make a list of all the things that the storm has damaged and document the damages by taking pictures and video evidence.
  • Contact a restoration company – you will also need to contact a restoration company in Austin, TX to help you with the repairs needed after a hailstorm, and the company to call is Wow Total Restoration.

Aside from storm damage restoration, we can also help you rebuild your home after other disasters. We can handle flood damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and construction services after restoration work. Contact us today at 512-233-6964 for 24/7 emergency disaster restoration services in Austin, TX.

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