Tips for Effective Water Cleanup

water on the floor

Coming home to a house that is flooded with water is not something you want to experience, but it can happen. When you face a flooded home impacted by water damage, the first thing to focus on is mitigation. The next step is to address is repair and restoration.

Before the restoration professionals arrive, you can minimize the damage to your property by taking a few basic steps that include:

  • Turn off the water main – Turn off the primary water supply ASAP to stop the flow of additional water. You want to do this before trying to identify the reason for the flood.
  • Turn off electricity – Turn off electrical power to your home. Doing this will ensure that you won’t put yourself and the rest of your family in danger of electrocution in a waterlogged house.
  • Remove items from the water to salvage them – Move water-damaged items to dry areas in efforts to salvage them. This will help you reduce the cost of repairing and refurbishing your home.
  • Dry out the area properly – Open all windows and doors to make drying out go faster. If you can, use industrial fans to expedite the drying process. You can also mop up and wipe the wet areas with dry rags. If the area is still flooded, use pumps and other methods to remove the water ASAP.
  • Use dehumidifiers for a more thorough dry - Drying out the water-damaged area can be a very tricky task. Because water hides in nooks and crannies that cannot be easily reached by fans, you'll need to use a dehumidifier for proper drying and to remove hidden moisture. This will remove moisture in the floor, walls, and other areas that are difficult to reach with other drying methods.
  • Contact a restoration company for help – For a more effective and faster drying, mitigation, and restoration of your home, contact Wow Total Restoration. We are the established restoration specialists in Austin, TX and will help you restore your property to its original condition ASAP.

Trust only in a company with years of experience and a roster of restoration specialists with IICRC and RIA certifications. Whether you need help with water damage restoration or have a mold infestation, we are the company to call. We can also take care of your fire and smoke damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and air duct cleaning for you.

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