Storm Damage Restoration Explained

When a storm hits, the damage that a home can experience may range from minor to devastating. The severity of a storm dictates the level of damage your home will experience. Sometimes even when a storm is not that powerful, your home can still experience significant damage.

The kind of damage a home incurs depends on what weather conditions accompany the storm.  A storm with strong winds but very little rain will trigger wind damages. A storm torrential downpours will trigger floods but may not inflict any wind damage at all.

Different Types of Damage a Storm Can Bring

Depending on the severity and type of storm, the damage that your house can experience includes:

  • Flood damage – When torrential rains happen, the possibility of flooding is high. The flood damages your home experiences during a storm can be due to an overflowing sewage system or rising waters from nearby rivers or lakes. It can even be caused by something as simple as water seeping into your basement due to clogged gutters and downspouts.
  • Wind damage – You can expect wind damage to happen when a hurricane, tornado, or a storm with high winds occur. Wind damage typically involves missing or damaged roof shingles, broken windows struck by flying debris, and structural issues resulting from falling trees and branches.
  • Hail damage – Hail storms typically require storm damage restoration. When falling hail pounds your property and possessions, you can expect roof damage, broken windows, battered guttering and damaged outdoor furniture.
  • Winter storm damage – When winter storms produce heavy snowfall and multiple days of sub-freezing temperatures, damages to your home often follow. Frozen pipes can lead to indoor flooding, ice dams can trigger roof leaks and too much snow can result in a collapsed roof.  

If your home in Austin, TX gets damaged because of these weather disturbances, you will need a company that specializes in storm restoration and repairs to help you. Wow Total Restoration is the company to trust when it comes to your storm restoration needs.

Whether it’s a flooded basement due to heavy rainfall or broken windows and damaged roof due to a hailstorm, we have the equipment and the personnel to help you get things fixed. We can also fix broken pipes due to extremely cold weather, clean up debris and fix damage caused by strong winds, and restore parts of your home damaged by water. Contact us by calling 512-233-6964 and we will help you restore your home to its original condition.

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