Mold and Its Negative Effects on Your Health and Home

Whenever you encounter a plumbing problem or a flood, the most infuriating thing you can imagine is cleaning up the mess afterwards. It’s an understandable feeling because it’s an annoying task to do. Nevertheless, the cleanup should be the least of your worries because your full attention should be towards mold.

The Dangers of Mold to Your Home and Health

Mold is a typical form of aftermath that develops following any water-related disaster. It’s a kind of fungi that manifests in dark, damp, and humid areas. The most common molds found in homes include:

  • Allergenic molds
  • Pathogenic molds
  • Toxigenic molds

From afar, mold might not look like a threat. When it accumulates, however, it becomes a serious problem that puts your entire household in danger.

How Mold Affects Your Health

The Dangers of Mold to Your Home and Health

Mold is able to reach unexpected areas and spread throughout your home, and it does this by diffusing its spores into the air. These spores not only stick to walls, but they can also land on your couches and bedding. Individuals who are exposed to the spores for too long often get allergies and asthma. They can also contact something more serious like hypersensitivity pneumonitis. What’s even more alarming is that spores of toxigenic molds are covered in mycotoxin. Mycotoxin is a toxic substance that can cause immune suppression and cancer.

How Mold Affects Your Property’s Structure

How Mold Affects Your Property’s Structure

Aside from being a detriment to your health, mold can also attack your property. Organic materials (e.g. wood) that are riddled with mold rot faster and emit musty odors. Mold can also permanently stain your walls and discolor the rugs. Additionally, it can also invite other insects and vermin that can damage your building’s structure even further.  

Mold Remediation Is the Answer

Mold, in small amounts, can easily be dealt with. However, if an entire wall or ceiling is covered in mold, mold remediation is the only answer. The mold remediation process can remove contaminated water from any surface and dry your property completely. Professional mold removers will also sanitize and disinfect the affected area to ensure that all mold is eliminated without a trace. We will locate the source of the mold, clean and disinfect it, putting a stop to mold growth once and for all.

The next time you see mold growing on your property, don’t belittle it. You have to act quickly before it starts taking over your home. If you’re looking for a reliable mold remediation service in Austin, Texas, contact Wow Total Restoration. We have the equipment, experience, and manpower to remove mold from your property. We also offer the following water damage restoration services to control or stop moisture from accumulating your property:

Just give us a call at 512-233-6964 and we’ll be more than happy to accept your request. We’ll work with your insurance provider to make things easier for you.

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