Commercial Water Damage for Business Owners

Commercial Water DamageWhen businesses experience water damage, the effect can vary depending on the source and size of damage. This has something to do with the kind of water that caused the damage in the first place. Whether the damage was caused by flooding from a storm, leaking pipes, or other events, the type of water that floods the area and damages the facility needs to be taken into consideration for proper remediation to happen.

The water and moisture that causes water damage come in three general categories with different effects. These are as follows:

Category 1 – Water and liquid that is considered category 1 comes from an uncontaminated and clean source. These can include water tanks, tap water pipes, and other similar sources. This source of water or liquid can cause minimal risk of illness since these are relatively clean. However, if left unchecked and if not addressed immediately, it can escalate to a category 2 type of liquid.

Category 2 – This is when a liquid that has flooded or damaged your property is filled with contaminants that can cause discomfort or illnesses. Some examples of contaminated water that belong to this category include dishwashing water, toilet overflows that don’t have any fecal matter in them and washing machine water discharge. Sink water and other similar water types are also part of this category.

Category 3 – Water and other liquids that belong to this category should be avoided at all costs and those who are tasked to handle water remediation issues with this kind of water need to use protective gear and extra caution when handling such water damage issues. The water that belongs to such a category includes those that contain toxic substances, pathogens, harmful chemicals, and biological substances that can make a person violently ill. Examples are sewer water, overflowing toilets with fecal matter, muddy stormwater, and the like.

When these problems occur, it is best if you don’t try to remedy the problem yourself. Aside from these liquid categories, there are also levels of water damage that need to be assessed. Class-1 water damage is localized in one small area while Class-4 water damage is when materials need to dried using specialized equipment due to the saturation that has occurred to the area.

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